First things first let me introduce myself. My name is Mats, but you probably already got that from the domain you're visiting. I'm a software developer by trade, and I have a genuine interest in software architecture, mobile development, and the .NET ecosystem in general.

The motivation behind this blog is to contribute to the community, whilst keeping myself up to date with the latest changes in software development. I'm an introvert by nature but I have an ambition to become comfortable enough interacting with the community, to one day be a speaker at a local user group or conference. This blog is my first step towards that goal, and I appreciate anyone that takes the time to read it.


I suspect the ongoing theme in future posts are going to be mostly related to Xamarin, C#, and ASP.NET. This because most of my professional career has been with projects living in the ASP.NET sphere, and Xamarin is a passion I dabble with on my free time. Nevertheless, there might be occasions where you might see topics like for example .NET standard, algorithms, Git, and architecture.

The soapbox of choice

When I decided to start blogging I knew I wanted a blogging platform that would let me hit the ground running. Not having to think about pushing pixels left and right until I had a design I was happy with. I wanted to spend my time blogging about the subjects I care for, not spend countless hours setting up my "soapbox". After digging around a bit I stumbled over Ghost, an open source publishing platform that lets you focus on the task at hand: content.

As I am writing this I am using the default theme "Casper" which in my opinion is a beautiful design. Ghost is easily customizable, and you don't need to be a frontend developer to swap designs. They have a marketplace with premade themes, and swapping your theme is as easy as uploading a zip-file. They also provide good documentation on how to build/host your blog and add third-party integrations such as Disqus. If you're thinking about starting a blog I can't recommend Ghost enough.